News Flash: Westboro Baptist Church Blocked! #StandWithSam

On Saturday, Michael Sam, who came out last weekend as a gay football player and is an eagerly awaited NFL draft prospect this coming season, went to his first public event since he announced he was gay–he attended a football game at his alma mater, the University of Missouri. And the famously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church was there to meet him.westboro
Westboro Baptist @WBCSays Yes, @KMOV – we have 3 words for@MikeSamFootball & all who #StandWithSam: REPENT OR PERISH!The church was sending out tweets like one above, but they were outnumbered by the thousands of fans who came out in support of Michael Sam, operating under #StandWithSam.Sam’s response was:
Michael Sam  @MikeSamFootball Thank you for all of my Mizzou family for your support. Divided we are weak, Together we are Strong. #OneMizzouMichael Sam, Cotton Bowl champion and the winner of the SEC Defensive Player of the year award, will be the first active openly gay NFL player if he gets drafted this KATIE AVAGLIANO / managing editor

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